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Radio 421 - Seven (EP, 2012) [SCL062]

Published June 17, 2013

The unusual garage duet which has decided specifically to reconsider the view of the phenomenon electro-punk:
Guitar reeves in the spirit of Rolling Stones and The Stooges, the threshing drum machine, hardly noticeable sounds of synthesizers also supplements all this madness a cynical vocal often rolling down to a hysterics.
From 5 tracks of release it is worth allocating the most powerful punk fighter of Children In The Closet in whom concentration of madness is brought to a limit moreover it is decorated we howl the police officer of sirens to full surroundings of street firefight.
Whether also the garage fate of the sixtieth should for observe full authenticity, do not use digital pieces? I think that not always. The only minus from all this history, that Radio 421 is in a freezing and signs of thaw it is not visible yet...


Language English


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